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Check out this week’s QuadCast as we summarize the most important results from ASCO 2023. This includes the PROSPECT trial for rectal cancer, final reporting of the ADAURA trial for NSCLC, a targeted therapeutic for IDH mutated gliomas, and much more.

Check out the latest QuadCast episode as we highlight the benefit of PET scans in breast cancer staging, patterns of recurrence from the EORTC 22922 trial, the safety of radiation with brentuximab vedotin, the expanding role of SRS for non-malignant indications, and an interesting fact of lung cancer screening.

This week’s episode of the QuadCast covers how lidocaine injection can improve breast cancer survival outcomes, the association of pathologic complete response with improved survival in soft tissue sarcoma, the role of supraclavicular lymph node dissection in breast cancer, and the beneficial effects of a preoperative exercise regimen in patients with colorectal cancer.

The latest QuadCast episode discusses the status of Pluvicto, breast conservation therapy for patients with multifocal breast cancer, the reason that whole brain radiation has neurocognitive impact, impressive results of immunotherapy for dMMR endometrial cancer, the timing of prostate SBRT, and newly approved Narcan nasal spray. Be sure to tune in!

Check out the latest episode of the QuadCast where we highlight the latest oncologic publications. This episode highlights the benefits of aggressive local control for intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, the efficacy of SABR for RCC in a prospective trial, a technique to improve oncologic outcomes for retroperitoneal sarcoma, evaluation of single vs. multi-fraction SRS regimens for meningiomas, and the thought provoking idea that radiation might mitigate the neurodegenerative decline from Alzheimer’s dementia.

Tune in to our latest episode of the QuadCast where we interview Dr. Colin Champ at the ACRO 2023 annual meeting. Dr. Champ is a Radiation Oncologist who is a leader regarding the interplay of diet and exercise as they pertain to oncology. He helps run an Exercise Oncology program and is widely published. We address the best way to exercise, the best diet to eat, the value of fasting and calorie restriction, and the importance of improving body composition. This is one of the most fascinating and exciting interviews to date. Don’t miss out!

Check out the latest Quadcast summary of the latest oncologic literature, including radiation oncology workforce evaluation, novel breast reconstruction options after mastectomy for breast cancer, new breast cancer palliative radiation options, the potential advantage of Pd-103 in LDR prostate brachy, the impact of an exercise regimen on risk of falling in breast cancer survivors, and the impact of daylight saving time on your circadian rhythm.